Clark County School District, Nevada

March 15th, 2012

3-15-12Every school district across the country should have a TJ working for them. TJ is a woman with a huge passion for making schools safe for children. She was thrilled to learn about the Kindness Certificates and the possibility of them spreading across classrooms throughout her state and beyond. She is going to help spread the word throughout the Clark County Administration Offices. Spreading to the schools in this state will have to be done one at a time as that is how the State of Nevada works. I will try and make inroads as best as possible with other methods.
“Spring Kindness” is a recent idea of a friend, Spring Hope, from Santa Monica. She has a wonderful “take on the world” attitude as she helps to spread the word of One Million Acts Of Kindness to everyone. On March 20th, the first day of spring, she is urging everyone to “Spring Kindness” to everyone you can. “Turn it into a competition,” she says. Compete, to tell as may people as you can to embrace One Million Acts Of Kindness as a lifetime goal. The countdown is on…T-minus, 5 days until “Spring Kindness” and counting.

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