Firehouse Visits

March 11th, 2012

3-11-12It is always great to ride up to a Firehouse unannounced and to see the look on the Firefighters faces. Today I rode up with Bogart who rejoined me last night. We found the group in back waxing a very well cared for engine at Firehouse 53. This visit, along with all of the other visits I made at other Firehouses in Las Vegas and elsewhere, I find that there is a deep appreciation for the gratitude people offer.
The close bond shared by living in a Firehouse for years creates a tight knit family who look out for each other. When out on a call this is a big part of being able to work as a team to battle fires.
Today’s ride was shortened to make sure I am well rested for tomorrow’s “century.” I am looking forward to riding in near perfect weather.

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