Some of the Residents of Henderson, Nevada

March 17th, 2012

3-17-12Katy, a 9th grader from Basic High School in Henderson understands kindness. Talking with her was so refreshing. One would think she has a PhD in kindness. She shared many insights about her school and is thrilled to tell everyone she can about The Kindness Certificates on this website. She was so happy to learn that I was “putting her in charge” to spread kindness to all of Nevada. Thank you so much Katy and keep it up the rest of your life.
Robby and his grandmother, who has had a lifetime in the education field thought it was imperative that he learn about Heroes by talking with me. I loved hearing her story of working in the education system. She still has some active connections and is going to spread the word.
City of Henderson Fire Chief, Steven Goble and all of his men had such great words of praise for The Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes. I talked with them before lining up for the Saint Patrick’s Day parade. I received an invitation to visit all of their Firehouses. What a wonderful honor.
The winds returned to southern Nevada, with frequent 50 mph wind gusts which made riding downright dangerous. I’m nearly right on the mileage total with the two “century” rides thus far.
“Spring Kindness” begins in three days. The object is to tell as many people about One Million Acts Of Kindness as you possibly can. This idea of “Springing Kindness” into people’s lives is being spread in big ways by culinary philanthropist, Spring Hope of Santa Monica, California.

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