Spring Kindness Day

March 20th, 2012

My friend, Spring Hope, of Santa Monica, California has created a “perennial” event called Spring Kindness Day. It is an awareness campaign of One Million Acts Of Kindness and a lifetime goal of kindness. Spring got the attention of many individuals as she held the daylong event on the Santa Monica Pier. People from all over the world stopped by to talk with her and to pledge their support. She had a map of the United States and by day’s end it was filled with push-pins of people’s hometowns. Thank you Spring for all of your great enthusiasm and hard work to make this day a huge success.
Today was a near perfect day for riding, as the temperatures were finally back in the 70s. Much got accomplished with contacting various educational groups about schools adopting Kindness Certificates in their classrooms.
I received word that International Fire Chief Gillespie is out of town and won’t be back for another 10 days. I will set up a phone conversation in the near future. Students hearing about Heroes from the Chief will have a great impact.

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