Winds of Change

March 6th, 2012

The two busiest men in the State of Ohio connected with me over the past two days, Governor John Kasich and State School Superintendent Stan Heffner. Both responded to my email about the Chardon, Ohio school shooting, about One Million Acts Of Kindness and my passion for changing the mindset of students in this country by having an individual goal of kindness. I have a scheduled phone conference next Tuesday. This is huge! This is incredible! This is only the beginning!
When children take lives at school, winds of change need to howl through the educational system in our country.
Being one of the few people, perhaps the only person who has all 50 states’ plus DC’s PTA phone numbers in my phone, all 50 states plus DC’s Department of Education email contacts and US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and staff email addresses in my computer it is time to convince all 50 states that having a goal of kindness, can change kids.
Speaking of winds, gusts of 50 mph had their way with The Kindness Bicycle today. I called it a day before noon and started calls to state PTA’s across the country.
Sylvia, a local 6th grade teacher stopped by, while I was in The Kindness Bus, to learn about what she could do for her class and perhaps her entire school to embrace One Million Acts Of Kindness.  Thank you, Sylvia, not just for your attention, but also for the comforters, The Kindness Bus is quite a bit more comfortable today.

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