April 5th, 2012

4-5-1250 years ago, Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson founded Childhelp, to protect children and families from child abuse. Today, their mission remains the same but with a multi-pronged approach to helping children in every possible way. Knowing that the Childhelp organization was founded in Scottsdale, I felt it necessary to take the time to visit their facility while in town. Robert Bell, a Child Advocate with great knowledge and passion for protecting children and his associate Gabby Ghan met with me today. This very busy facility houses all the agencies under one roof, enabling the child to only have to be interviewed once, about very damaging personal information. April is National Childhood Abuse Prevention Month, if you can do anything to help children or wish help children, contact Childhelp at their website; Today I rode through the downtown area of Phoenix with the signs from my previous Domestic Violence an Childhood Sexual Abuse Prevention ride. Ethan the pastry chef from the Pink Pony restaurant in Old Town Scottsdale, near the locations I would  park everyday, created a wonderful dessert for my travels this afternoon. Valerie from Scottsdale Public Art also helped The Kindness Bus Tour before Bogart and I left town. You can never be too far from friends, as I ran into my dentist Dr. Arthur Broad DDS, and the Cunningham family, who were childhood neighbors of mine.

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