Harelson Elementary School

April 6th, 2012

4-6-12These are the kind of days I dream of on The Kindness Bus Tour.
I visited Harelson Elementary School in Tucson, Arizona today. This is one very special school with educators who have a passion for teaching students in very creative ways. Ann Jansen, the Behavioral Intervention Monitor was instrumental in making this visit become a reality. My niece, Meredith is a former teacher from Harelson and made the connect with Ann to organize this great visit.
Arranging a prime playground parking spot and an interview on Bobcat TV were key in getting the students excited long before my two programs were delivered. The K – 3 grades were treated to a program that taught many core values with Bogart being used as an example many of the times. The 4 – 6 grades were part of a “town hall” type of presentation with a session of Q and A.
This school is very involved in teaching students to be innovators in the peace process in their school and community. Principal, Andy Heinemann is a talented leader and gifted at keeping this great school at the forefront of everything important for the children in his charge.  The visit to this school was also made possible by the hard work of Brooke and Shelby, two very helpful students at Harelson.
It was a pleasure to be able to help these children consider a lifetime goal of One Million Acts Of Kindness. Thank you, Harelson.

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