Joe Foss Institute

April 4th, 2012

4-4-12When you hear about something that interests you for the very first time, you take note. When you hear about it for a 2nd time just a couple of hours later, you do something about it. Today I did just that. Hearing about the Scottsdale based Joe Foss Institute on two separate occasions yesterday, I researched their website and visited their new offices today. Melissa the Curriculum Coordinator and Jay a Marine who does classroom presentations, met me in the lobby. The need for kids to learn core values has never been greater and JFI is accomplishing just that.
The Joe Foss Institute was created to work with youth in schools and youth groups across America, with those who will defend our freedoms in the future while encouraging & teaching democracy, patriotism, integrity, and public service. If you are looking to get involved in volunteering for a charity, JFI is a great one to consider.
Today’s ride was a joy as I rode on some of Scottsdale’s great bicycle paths. I just have to find a better way of staying out of the Arizona sun.

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