Mary Meredith K-12 School

April 13th, 2012

4-13-12 copyMary Meredith is a small school that educates students who have had to lead challenging lives because of factors often times out of their control. Special attention is paid to keeping these students focused during the school day. I was asked to give 3 programs to the students by grade level. It was important, as are all my talks, to be as passionate as possible to try to inspire these students to look at all the good they can do with their lives going forward. I loved talking at this school and it must have resonated as 4 faculty spoke to me afterwards, 2 of the long term teachers said the presentations were the best the school has ever had. I don’t want to sound boastful, it was just that important to get these kids to believe that they are capable of achieving anything in their lives no matter their past life.
Principal, Terri Pulan and some of the staff, Priscilla, Eduardo and Dai were in attendance during my presentations and all were very helpful in lending a hand with my set-up. This very dedicated staff is very involved on a personal level in helping these students find their way in life. I am so grateful for the invitation to assist in creating an awareness of kindness on this campus.
Heading back to Oro Valley, I stopped to pick up a copy of the University of Arizona newspaper to see if an article written about One Million Acts Of Kindness online was in print as well. I almost fell over when a huge color photograph was on the front page above tho fold. Thank you Brittny Mejia for helping to spread the word in the Daily Wildcat.

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