Sow Only Seeds of Love

April 7th, 2012
Last week, I received an email from a woman who told me that she had read a poem that I had written several years ago, at her mother’s memorial service. I am honored beyond words.
This poem was written to help anyone who is having a hard time in their life, with the intent that it might get them started down a new path. A path of healing. A path of forgiveness. A path of love.
Sow Only Seeds of Love
You can start a new journey with your very next breath
So many roads you can take, you determine the path.
The time to change if you need is now
Keeping in touch with your soul will teach you how.
You’re the one who decides on the life you live
You have such a big heart and so much to give.
Think of the love in the world you can spread
By saying kind words that need to be said.
The gifts you can give are inside your heart
With so many hurting people, it’s a good time to start.
Look for the best in everyone
Let all your intentions be genuine.
There is such untold beauty inside of you
Who are you planning on showing it to?
Open it up to everyone.
Take that next breath…..
Your new journey’s begun.

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