VA Medical Center, Tucson, Arizona

April 17th, 2012

4-17-12I always meet the nicest people at VA Hospitals, today in Tucson was no exception. I visited this Center this morning before an all afternoon drive to Las Cruces, New Mexico. Helen Glass who was in the Navy during WWII as an Aviation Machinist’s Mate 2nd Class was one of the first persons I talked with today. She has been volunteering for the hospital for more than 34 years. She told me stories as if they happened yesterday, not 70 years ago. What a wonderful woman. She was thrilled to stand with me by The Kindness Bicycle.
Kathy, another woman with Voluntary Services was thrilled as well to see such a sight on her campus.
Staff Psychiatrist on duty talked with me about the healing power of positive messages for Veterans. She said that my visits to the hospitals with The Kindness Bicycle goes a long way in helping these men and women feel proud about their service to our country. I stopped and talked with the Chaplain’s secretary. He is going to post the information about The Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes. On my way back to The Kindness Bus, I met with Bernice, a nurse who talked as well about the healing power of positive messages. This is the least I can do for these Heroes.

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