Virginia Tech

April 15th, 2012

4-15-12Today I rode for the 32 victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy. It will be 5 years tomorrow that this event occurred.
It was because of this event that I founded One Million Acts Of Kindness and my ensuing travels across the country promoting a lifetime goal of kindness for everyone.
Being near the University of Arizona, I decided to ride The Kindness Bicycle on the roadways throughout the campus. I got a great response, but only after interacting with individuals first. I found that the students were eager to give their opinions about reactions to seeing The Kindness Bicycle with the signs about Virginia Tech. I talked with about 100 people and the consensus was nearly unanimous that remembering events and the harm done can help in avoiding future events like these from occurring.
Teré and Uzo, who posed with The Kindness Bicycle thought my being on campus was a great reminder to everyone.
Kelsey a Creative Writing major said it is so important to remember events like these especially with the amount of violence on campuses and in society.
My thoughts and prayers are with the hundreds of thousands of the Hokie family of Virginia Tech.

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