National Trust for the Wounded Warriors

May 7th, 2012
5-7-12Below is information taken directly from This organization is doing incredible work for the Wounded Warrior and their families.
NTWW thru its Advisory Board has selected multiple areas of giving that we will concentrate on. Our giving comes in the form of direct financial donations to other non- profit organizations that have a proven record of solid financial management, programs that reflect our areas of interest and a management team prepared to address with additional funds from us an expansion of their efforts to serve your needs and that of your family.

We have provided for individual funding requests and the admission of fundings for other 501(c)(3)’s that have requirements that do not necessarily fall into one or more of our areas listed below. We wish to have a positive impact on those in need.


Not only the Injured come home. NTWW will take an active role through support of other 501(c)(3)’s who have demonstrated an active participation in assisting our Injured and their families as you and your family manage expectations and capabilities as you search to attain new career opportunities.

NTWW will assess the existing programs offered by other 501’s and assist those qualifying organizations by providing funding to advance them in achieving their objectives. Third party relationships with the on line career development community will potentially serve to support this program’s advancement.


NTWW will initiate support for members of the 501 community who will promote and help provide access to quality education to the Injured and/or their spouses. Many of our Injured may have unique physical requirements and/or limitations which may prohibit them from returning to school or from going to work. Family members, specifically the spouse, may need to advance their academic qualifications in order to support family requirements. We will endeavor to seek out programs thru other 501’s that have established an active role in this important area of individual and family recovery and advancement. Funds will be made available to provide additional financial assistance above and beyond the Veterans benefits. These funds will be accessed both thru the participating 501’s and thru NTWW directly.


A lack of consistent family counseling is another problem which NTWW will help address as many Injured and their families have geographic limitations as a result of living in the more remote areas of our country. The unique stress experienced by the families of our Wounded who are presently serving overseas and/or have been injured offer a complex, but required, challenge to enhance programs for their benefit. Our Advisory Board will seek existing 501 organizations and other support channels to provide funding for the advancement of improved and expanded care for those in need.

This will include potential support for those suffering from PTSD, drug and alcohol abuse and the ongoing issues the Injured and their families face every day as they strive to recover.


The Veterans Benefit programs address the rehabilitation of the Wounded with great care. The issues NTWW will address are the geographic requirements of the Injured and the consistency of quality rehabilitation programs individually designed to speed the physical and emotional recovery of those requiring extended and long term physical and or psychological attention that can only be realized through consistent care. The selection of existing 501’s who provide this geographically sensitive level of attention are very limited. NTWW will work with all parties to understand the needs that are not met and the solutions required to address this area of consistent care which is a right of our injured and a requirement for proper healing.


The Veterans benefit program designed to support the renovation, modification of existing housing for the Injured exists but varies in its impact based on labor and supply costs by community. Real-estate prices vary around the country and the result is that an injured soldier may not realize the same impact of the Veterans benefits programs based on their residence community. For the more seriously wounded who require new housing to accommodate their individual set of circumstances, the maximum funding available for housing is not adequate in many cases. A number of well-structured 501(c)(3) organizations have emerged to address this area of concern. NTWW will select those organizations who meet our requirements will receive funding to support expansion of their efforts.

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