One of the World’s Kindest Persons

May 12th, 2012

5-12-12Starting the past few days at 4:45AM to get the best parking spot in town has paid dividends. The foot traffic is key to viewing The Kindness Bus. I love watching at a distance, within earshot of moms and dads explaining what some of the writings on The Kindness Bus means to them.
Riding The Kindness Bicycle between the raindrops today, was a bit challenging at times, but had a great impact on many. I think riding in the rain shows to others, my dedication to this cause.
Friend, Nawang Khechog stopped by The Kindness Bus as I was getting ready to ride The Kindness Bicycle. This proud Tibetan man and I spent time together catching up on what has been going on in each other’s lives since this past fall. Nawang lives an incredible life of kindness and compassion towards the world we live in. I always feel enlightened by our conversations. What a beautiful man of peace he is.

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