“What is Your Bike Trip All About?”

May 17th, 2012

5-17-12Every so often I am asked what The Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes is about. I assume with the big signs attached to The Kindness Bicycle that it is self explanatory. I think when I am asked this, people want to know what I am trying to accomplish.
I love talking about this awareness campaign and it’s intent to let everyone know who the real heroes are in today’s society; the individuals who protect our liberties and freedom. This 4,000 mile, 7 month campaign is educating many while creating conversation between even more. It is what I like to call my “Desire to Inspire.”
The miles I ride each day in Boulder are so enjoyable. I stay near traffic for high visibility but at times ride along Boulder Creek which has an incredible view. It is always hard to leave this town but with this ride half over, the east coast is calling.

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