A Boy Who Cares

June 8th, 2012

This letter was sent to me about a boy who cares for people in need. I love hearing these sort of stories, when the youngest of our society know the importance of helping others.

We always knew that our son Jack was a gentle, kind and caring soul from the moment he was born.  I guess I never realized how much until he and I decided to take part in a walk to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes a few years ago.  Does  he have diabetes you ask?  No.  Just another example of him wanting to help others.  Over the course of the last 3 years, Jack has single handedly raised $700 for the JDRF, and has set his goal for this year alone at $500.  About 6 months ago Jack came up to me as we were sitting in the kitchen with a magazine article about the Smile Train.  He said “Dad, did you know that for $250 we could help a child with a Cleft Palate get a surgery?”  I said “No, I didn’t know that.  Let me have a look at that.”  He then proceeded to express his concerns about what he had read about and how children with this condition in developing countries are treated.  Some will never go to school, others are outcasts of society and many never know what it is to be loved.  This absolutely broke his heart knowing that there are kids in this world that have to feel that way.  He immediately made me call the 800 number to get an information package on how to set up a fundraiser.  His goal is to raise enough by Christmas to help 3 children.  We are so proud of Jack.  Our 7 year old with a heart of gold.

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