Flag Day

June 14th, 2012

6-14-12As I rode beneath one of the two massive supports of the Brooklyn Bridge, with Old Glory fully unfurled in a steady wind above both, I felt a need to connect with as many of the hundreds of pedestrians I passed on The Kindness Bicycle. With my thumb raised and my other ringing the bicycle bell, I received ovations, thumbs-up and smiles. It was a huge welcome. There were several groups of hundreds of schoolchildren who high-fived me over a long part of the span. It was great seeing the interest of this many middle school students.
I rode down into Brooklyn beneath the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges. Both of these structures are getting major improvements and the construction company has a staging area where the  workers perform ground work. It is where a large flag is always displayed. A very proud ironworker was thrilled to take today’s photo.

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