I Am

June 10th, 2012

6-10-12I have been told many times along my travels over the past two years that it is imperative that I watch the documentary film “I Am.”  It is a film from 2011 that is written and narrated by movie director Tom Shadyac. The documentary tells of Tom’s personal life after a bicycle accident in 2007. He was badly injured but it gave him a chance to look at his personal life of “material excess” and that of humanity’s materialistic views of life.
This documentary is incredible and unfolds as Tom slowly recovers from his debilitating injuries and comes to the realization of what is truly important in his life, in all our lives, caring and loving everyone, every moment of our lives.
This film is a “must see” for everyone and should be viewed and studied in classrooms across the world. It holds the answer to man’s question of, “Why are we on this earth?”    To love.

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