Quiet Pride

June 11th, 2012

6-11-12Carlos was a ┬áCaptain in the Army, retiring in the early 1970s. I met him yesterday in Manhattan sitting on a park bench. He sat by himself wearing his ball cap with the Army logo. It was adorned with medals he was awarded from his time served in Laos and Vietnam. I approached him, as I do most Veterans I talk with on the streets, with a “thank you for your service to our country.” A big smile spread across his face. He doesn’t hear words like that often enough and he certainly didn’t hear words like that when he came home in the 70s. He shared with me his stories and showed me his ankle with plates and several screws that has been a challenge to walk on for nearly 40 years. He has bayonets scars, pointing out the one visible in the side of his neck. He was in a group of 180 men and only 6 came home.
Here he sat near City Hall on a very busy street, as throngs of people walked by his food cart as he watched from a distance and recounted his days in his service to our country. He is a very proud man, one of millions of men and women with stories to share if you just take a few moments to say hello and thank you.
Welcome home Captain!

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