Nationwide Sightings

July 5th, 2012

7-5-12I started the day on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and by noon it was as if I had met as many people as I do in a day. I am hearing on nearly a daily basis from people who have seen The Kindness Bus in another part of the country. Amy who has two young daughters said, “I saw you in Lawrence, Kansas last summer!” She reminded me that I had given her a copy of “Bogart Begins His Kindness Adventures.” She was so complimentary when she told me how much of an impact One Million Acts Of Kindness has had on her daughters.
Forrest, who is an artist from southern California is visiting New York City for an art show he is having. He was blown away learning that The Kindness Bus Tour is here as well.
This afternoon I started visiting Heroes in Brooklyn, New York. I visited Police Precinct 84 and The Tillary Street Firehouse to rave reviews.

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