Neighborhood Heroes

July 6th, 2012

7-6-12Knowing that the day’s temperatures were going to be well into the 90s, I started the day early, visiting Brooklyn Firehouses and Police Precincts. I also limited my day to 5 hours of riding The Kindness Bicycle. I met Milan, a Firefighter of 4 years and who also works on his off-hours as a paramedic. He and his fellow Firefighters at the Middagh Street Firehouse were about to head out on a non-emergency call. Milan took quite a bit of time to visit with me, finding out all the specifics of my ride.
Richards Street Firehouse was a pleasure to visit as three of the Heroes took time to share stories with me.
The crew from the Red Hook Firehouse were just coming back from a call while I was talking with their house call officer. It is amazing the amount of protective gear these guys need to wear in these extreme temperatures.
Officer Murray at Precinct 76 was so thrilled about The Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes that she posted the flyer at the front entrance to her building. Thank you Precinct 76!
The ride through the northwestern part of Brooklyn was as if I was in a parade, as many people took the time to connect with me.

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