State of New York Court Officers

July 9th, 2012

7-9-12I visited Court Officers of The State of New York after spending time at the Memorial at their building. Three of their very tight knit Police “family” lost their lives on September 11th. I am hoping to have an “official visit” later this summer to talk with many more of these officers as time permits in their scheduling.
Fifi, an E4 Army Hero (ret) who now works in banking security, came out to check out my ride, she says seeing things like The Kindness Bicycle renews the way people view the Heroes I am riding for.
Thank you to The Natural History Museum for the free passes to all the exhibits and special features and for some copies of the flyer i hand out. The Kindness Bus has been parked nearby for the past week and is getting a lot of views by employees and patrons.

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