Quick Visit and Visibility

August 12th, 2012

8-12-12It is always one message or conversation that seems to determine the direction I head during the day and today it happened early this morning. I have visited Engine 205 and Hook & Ladder 118 in Brooklyn on a few occasions these past couple of months, it is often times the Firehouse I pass most often. Steve, a Firefighter of 5 years talked with me and was nice enough to snap today’s incredible photo. It was then I took a detour into Manhattan and met an incredible family in front of a church, this Sunday morning. Stu, a very youthful octogenarian, was thrilled to hear the specifics of The Kindness Bicycle for Heroes. He and his two daughters and grandson were a joy to talk with. We had the most unbelievable similarities. I spent the rest of the day visiting parks and riding through neighborhoods being viewed by thousands. What a perfect day.

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