September 9th, 2012

9-9-12Just when I thought I was going to have an easy day by not riding The Kindness Bicycle, I learned how hard it is to record 33 videos, in a studio, in a day’s time. I have a new-found respect for people who work in studios, in front and behind the camera. It is very hard work.
Thank you to Martin Lenclos of Pipture for giving me the opportunity to be one of the first of potentially hundreds of millions of people who will use this ingenious messaging platform.
Pipture is a media and software company whose mission is to enable everyone to create visual broadcasts, whether privately, as an instant video message, or publicly, as a micro-broadcast, online, and on a mobile device. Anyone using Pipture can visually and dramatically enhance their messages, create their own content, and share it directly with friends or broadcast it like social media. Visit And…Action!!

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