Bogart Loves Working His Charm

September 23rd, 2012

9-23-12There is nothing better than a captive audience where the individuals are dedicated and push themselves to their personal best. Such was the audience of nearly 6,000 runners running an 18 mile training run for the New York City Marathon. I saw hundreds of runners entering Central Park with their race numbers and decided to follow. I made it in and positioned myself The Kindness Bicycle on a curve about a mile from the starting line where all who ran by would see. I faced the “Riding 4,000 Miles for Heroes” sign for easy visibility. I interacted with the crowd as they made their way past my location. Every 10 seconds or so, I called out: Be a hero to someone, children need heroes! I received a huge reception!! Smiles, waves, thumbs-up, congratulations and so many other welcoming statements were called back to me. I also never realized how many people watch CBS 2 News, as at least 100 people called back, “I saw you on TV yesterday!” I love when the word of this mission can reach a million people with one segment on television.
Bogart and I spent the remainder of the day talking with people interested in what we are trying to accomplish. We were very busy all day.

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