CBS 2 News, New York City

September 22nd, 2012

9-22-12, 1Two weeks ago Sheri Richardson of CBS 2 News met with me to film a piece for one of their news shows. I was contacted a couple of days ago by CBS 2 News producer, Eric Berlin, about coming in to the studio today, to be interviewed on-camera after the piece ran. Cindy Hsu, Emmy Award winning news anchor, met with me before going on camera. She is a consummate professional.
I watched the piece play as I sat with Cindy to be interviewed. Wow!…did they make me look and sound good. The piece was so well edited and precise. Cindy and I talked on camera for a couple of minutes. She has a wonderful way of making you think you are just sitting in your living room talking, not the million or so living rooms it is being broadcast in. She made me look as good as I could look and helping to inspire as many people as were watching. Hopefully, all one million of them.
I decided to make myself visible on The Kindness Bicycle today. It is apparent how many people watched this broadcast, by the huge number of well-wishers who went out of their way to acknowledge The Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes.
Thank you to everyone at CBS 2 News for making this happen…and a huge thank you from Bogart to Rosie for helping him feel good about his big interview! ┬áHere’s the link to the interview:

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