It’s Bogart’s Birthday !!

September 12th, 2012

9-12-12Today is Bogart’s 5th birthday. That puts him at 32 in people years.
In his first year an a half of life, Bogart was bounced from home to home, three homes in all. That is, until he found me, his 4th and final home. He is one very lucky rescue dog.
Bogart’s stay at his summer spa for the past 100 days is coming to an end. He will be rejoining me before too long to accompany me on The Kindness Bus and the Ring Our Country with Kindness ride around the perimeter of the United States.
I am busy creating information sheets, signage, shirt designs and so many other necessities for the R.O.C.K. ride, while finishing up The Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes.
Hey Bogart! I’m only 11 years old in dog years! According to the new formula used by veterinarians that is. I feel so young.

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