Kindness Bicycle Makeover

September 8th, 2012

In a couple of weeks, The Kindness Bicycle will sport new signs, as I ready for a year-long perimeter ride around the United States. The ride which is titled, R.O.C.K., Ring Our Country with Kindness, will begin in October as Bogart and I start visiting schools along our travels. Our goal is to convince as many people as possible, how much they are loved and that they play an integral role in someone’s life.
I am nearly set on what words will be emblazoned across the 5 signs. They are listed as follows;

Overcome Bullying Through Love.

You are SO Important to Someone.

One Year Bicycle Ride of the United States Perimeter.

Riding to End Bullying and Adolescent Suicide.

Ring Our Country with Kindness.

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