Tennis Anyone?

September 2nd, 2012

9-2-12Heading on the 7 train out of Manhattan and into Queens was a challenge with The Kindness Bicycle. The train car was packed with US Open Tennis fans. Balancing without anything to hold onto is a great way to test one’s ability while trying not to bump anyone. I felt like I was the ball in a tennis match.
Vinnie and Andrew at the Firehouse on Union Street in Queens were the first up, to meet with today. They had, what seemed like a hundred compliments.
Officer Yu at the 109 Precinct in Flushing, Queens, NY was a huge help in making copies of my hand-out sheet to give to all of the interested parties here.
Officer Prosceo at the 111 Precinct was a big fan from the moment I wheeled The Kindness Bicycle in their front door, he too offered to spread the word of this important mission.
Tony at the 244th Street Firehouse, took me back to the kitchen to talk with the small group at this house.
The entire crew from the 14th Road Firehouse, my final stop for the day, came down from their quarters to meet with me. They showered me with a very enthusiastic reception.
All five Firehouses I visited today, invited me in for coffee or to eat. I took a couple of them up on their offer.

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