365 Days to Go !

October 21st, 2012

10-21-129,000 miles is a long ride on a bicycle, but when you have a full year in which to ride this distance, it only works out to an average of just under 25 miles per day. I began with a ceremonial tire dunk on the east bank of the East River  in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY this afternoon. I have been riding test rides throughout New York City, for the better part of a month, to gauge the reception for this ride to address Bullying and Adolescent Suicide. The interest has been beyond all expectations. Conversations with individuals of all ages is a common occurrence. Two national news organizations have been in contact with me and several small market news media have contacted me as well. The need to spread word of this ride is critical and will help to save lives when an individual who is going through a hard time realizes the importance of their life.

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