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October 5th, 2012
10-5-12I have known Brad Owen for more than 20 years and have always admired his caring nature. Two years ago I contacted him about managing and making some major updates to the One Million Acts Of Kindness website. He and I talked through those changes and that I didn’t have funds budgeted for a design change, it is then that his caring side overrode his business side and he “volunteered” his firm to do the necessary work. He has been working passionately, behind the scenes, to keep this website up to date and easy to navigate. I would recommend his firm, Creavos, for all of your business and personal needs when it comes to building, managing and marketing a website.
The following are a few passages taken from the Creavos website:
We are extremely passionate and understand the web from a unique perspective. We manage, build, and create our own private sites, thus we understand what it means to need a change right away, an email set up pronto, or the need for traffic, “Constant Traffic”. We understand the ins and outs of business operation, coupled with an intense understanding of the web, marketing, and hardware and server operations.

Creavos offers around the clock coverage, supporting companies small and large across the globe. Our foundation is built on state-of-the-art coding tecniques resulting in superior site loading times, out of the box search engine optimized content, and integral browser compliancy.                             Thank you Brad, for the continual great work and caring ethic, making the One Million Acts Of Kindness website an easy to navigate and an informative site on the web.

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