Gearing Up to Go

October 17th, 2012

On Monday, five short days from now, the Ring Our Country with Kindness (R.O.C.K.) ride begins. This 1 year, 9,000 mile bicycle ride around the perimeter of the United States will raise awareness about School Bullying and Adolescent Suicide.
The initial 2 weeks will take me quickly down the east coast to Florida. I will be traveling to nearly one University  every day along my journey. Rutgers, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, University of Delaware, Loyola, Georgetown, University of Richmond, North Carolina State University, Methodist University, College of Charleston, SCAD and then into and along the eastern coast of Florida, visiting various colleges and universities.
I will spend nearly three months in Florida visiting educational institutions from kindergarten through college presenting age appropriate programs addressing bullying and suicide.

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