I Wish My Friend Would Have Seen This

October 15th, 2012

10-15-12Talking with individuals and groups of people while out and about on The Kindness Bicycle and at The Kindness Bus, I try to convey the most meaningful thoughts and ideas that align with the needs of the conversation or questions asked.
Today, I looked in the direction of where The Kindness Bicycle was located, as I talked with a group at The Kindness Bus. A young woman was reading one of my handout sheets and from her body language, it seemed as if she was having a difficult time. I excused myself from the group I was talking with and walked the few hundred feet to her. This young woman, with tears streaming down her face looked up to me as I introduced myself. “I wish my friend would have seen this,” as she motioned to the sign on The Kindness Bicycle which reads, “Someone needs you. Don’t end your life.”
We talked for nearly two hours about the importance of so many things in all of our lives. But most importantly about hanging on to your life with all your might during the toughest time.
Be a hero to yourself, I told her. Be strong! Someone will need you in a very big way at some point…you need to be here for them. Realize how incredible life will become, I added.
All of us, during difficult times, need something to hold onto, whether it be volunteering, helping others, religion, friends, family. Whatever it is…find out what you truly care about and fully immerse yourself in your passion. Show this world as much love as you can. Get involved in helping others. If you are using drugs, stop! If you are considering using drugs, don’t!
You are needed and you are loved!!
As we finished up our conversation, something that made me realize the importance of this mission, was when she said, “I needed to see this sign too.” She walked away with a renewed sense of hope to her life.

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