More News for Bogart

October 4th, 2012

10-4-12The Kindness Bus and Bogart were spotted in DUMBO this past weekend by a News 12 Brooklyn reporter. I was contacted by Philip their producer about doing a piece on One Million Acts Of Kindness and the interview took place today. Justin Gunn and Steven Harasymiak, the 2 reporters who came out for the interview wanted to know all about the founding of One Million Acts Of Kindness and of course, all about Bogart. Bogart must have doing his best to let everyone who passed by The Kindness Bus about his existence on the face of the earth. He is a bigger “ham” than I.
With only 2 stops left on The Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes, I am busy with fine tuning for the upcoming Ring Our Country with Kindness (R.O.C.K) ride. This ride addressing Bullying and Adolescent Suicide is hugely popular with most everyone I pedal past. I always stop and talk with parents with children present as these topics of discussion are high on their list of concerns.
To me, a lifetime goal of kindness in one’s life is the most positive deterrent to bullying. Please!!!, if you haven’t taken the pledge of One Million Acts Of Kindness, print a Kindness Certificate located on the upper left hand corner of this website for everyone in your family.

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