Purple to Stand Against Building

October 19th, 2012

10-19-12Don’t use words that hurt, Stop hatred, Kindness for everyone No exceptions, Be kind 2 people, Teach respect, are the five quotations written on The Kindness Bus which surround me in today’s photo. Three of the quotes were thought of by children.
Don’t use words that hurt, is all important. It is easy to hurt someone through the use of negative words. When spread on social media networks, negative words can have devastating results.
Be kind to people, is an idea that should be a continual mind set for everyone. Bullying would be nonexistent if these words were applied to all our lives.
Teach respect, is a concept which should be taught to children as toddlers.
All of these five quotations, if embraced by all children, would lead to a society that doesn’t bully.
October is Bullying Awareness Month and today is wear Purple to Stand Against Bullying Day. These great events will hopefully help to remind everyone, that bullying is something that shouldn’t happen to anyone, every day of the year.

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