Rutgers University

October 22nd, 2012
10-22-12I got a bit of a late start out of New York City today, but it put me in the heart of the school day at Rutgers, which proved to be perfect timing for finding the #1 parking space across from the student center on campus.
Angelo and Janice, two of the hundreds of students from the Rutgers campus who stopped by loved the message of kindness for people who are suffering.
Phil, who was friends with Tyler Clementi a student from this campus who took his life a couple of years ago came over to give praise for the Ring Our Country with Kindness ride. He told me this message needs to reach the world. Tyler’s mom was quoted as saying the following, which is what needs to happen all across the globe.
“In this digital world, we need to teach our youngsters that their actions have consequences, that their words have real power to hurt or to help. They must be encouraged to choose to build people up and not tear them down.”
Fernando who stopped by and said “Seeing your bus is the same as seeing a smile.” That statement was so wonderful to me, so I let him write it on The Kindness Bus.
Noah from The Daily Targum, the student run paper on the Rutgers campus stopped by for a late night interview. Another busy day of talking and riding.
While at Columbia University last week, I met Jay Corcoran, a producer, who was interested in the Ring Our Country with Kindness ride. He sent me a link to a great video he created while I talked with individuals about what I am hoping to accomplish. The link is below:

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