Suicide Prevention Education Alliance

October 18th, 2012
photo (2)Pat Lyden, Executive Director and CEO of the Suicide Prevention Education Alliance (SPEA) wrote to me today with their endorsement of my Ring Our Country with Kindness ride (R.O.C.K.) 9,000 mile ride to prevent teen suicide. To me, this is an incredible honor. The following is taken from their website,
SPEA, located in Cleveland, Ohio, teaches teens to be the “first line of defense” in preventing suicide, since teens who make a plan to end their life tell a friend. SPEA has delivered its proven program, Recognizing Teen Depression and Preventing Suicide, to more than 100,000 students since December 2000 and currently serves 120 Northeast Ohio high schools.  SPEA’s professional instructors teach teens to identify peers who may be suffering from major depression or may be at risk of suicide; how to respond; and where to refer.  Self-referral is also encouraged.

Their goal is to cause at-risk students to seek and receive treatment from a mental health professional, as treatment is life altering and often lifesaving.

I highly recommend visiting the SPEA website. The invaluable information is a must read for everyone. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to help anyone in need. This website will help you understand how and when to reach out.

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