Fort Pierce Visit

November 15th, 2012

11-15-12Making my way to have some much needed work done on The Kindness Bus, I stopped to make the rounds in Fort Pierce. The waterfront in this small historic downtown area is sensational. I met with one of my good friends James, I met a few years ago while on The Kindness Bus Tour. He is a big help when I come to this town and is going to promote the Ring Our Country with Kindness all throughout Fort Pierce.
Today I visited Saint Andrew’s Elementary School, Barbara Bradford the Headmaster’s assistant was thrilled I stopped with Bogart to their school. Several teachers took the time to congratulate me on my ride.
I met Pam, a single mother of two teenagers is holding down two jobs to make ends meet. She has always let her children know that when trouble looks them in the eye, to just walk away. Her words reminded me of a great man, Jim “Pap” McIntyre who I met in Vero Beach a couple of years ago, he wrote the words, “Don’t fight, walk away.” Pap passed away about a month before I made it back to Vero. What an honor it was to have known such a kind man.

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