Going Global in Miami Beach, Florida

November 9th, 2012

11-9-12Huge hit, are two words which describe the popularity of The Kindness Bus in South Beach. This stretch of land along the Atlantic Ocean is an incredibly popular spot from people from across the globe, primarily, Europe, South America and Central America.
I met and talked with people from a dozen different nations today while out on The Kindness Bicycle and at The Kindness Bus. The two issues I am riding to raise awareness about are affecting kids across the world. The number of those is going in the wrong direction.
Augusto from Nicaragua took pictures of all the panels on The Kindness Bus. He is sharing them with everyone he knows.
Sharon from Costa Rica said she had recently read an article in a newspaper in her country saying that the suicide rate has been on a dramatic increase.
James, from London, is a teacher of students in middle school. He said that when parents or the school is involved in the kids interacting with each other, there is far less bullying in his country.
Clearly, being kind, all the time can have a huge impact in the lives of others.

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