Grandparents Against Bullying

November 14th, 2012

11-14-12“My grandson was bullied, I love what you are doing,” a retired Delray resident said to me at The Kindness Bus. He told me that a lot of parents are “dropping the ball” raising their kids. He as a grandparent had to step up to negotiate, bringing an end to it. He is clearly a loving family man.
Jessica and her good friend Jessica were spending a lot of time at The Kindness Bicycle as I watched from a distance. I headed their way when it seemed that there might be something to their pause. Jessica thanked me for raising awareness about Adolescent Suicide. Just two months ago her brother took his life and before that her step-brother did as well. She wants everyone to know that there is another way out of depression and that is getting the help you need. The problems you are facing today will soon be over. Hang on to your life with all your might. Someone needs you in a very big way.
Laura a young 40 year old, was bullied through middle school. She sought the friendship of another group of kids for safety. She also turned to studying and saw that being smart was a way to “rise above” the taunting.
I visited Pine Grove Elementary School in Delray today. Ms. Bethel, the Community Resource Specialist and Ms. Lindor, one of the Guidance Counselors were enthused that I took the time to meet with them.
Thank you to Megan who treated me to a gift certificate to a coffe chain.
A huge Kindness Bus Tour thank you to the 3 juniors from Atlantic Community High School for their interest and for desiring to arrange a visit to their school in the near future.

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