Rock and Roll Marathon

November 3rd, 2012

11-03-12There were over 16,000 visitors in Savannah today, many of whom took part in the race in the perfect “Savannah Visitors Bureau” weather.
I must have talked to 300 people today, leaving me well short of the miles I hoped to ride on The Kindness Bicycle, but I probably had 16,000 views.
Two of the kindest couples one could meet, talked with me this morning before venturing out.
Brian and Heather from Charlotte, NC were taking photos of The Kindness Bus from inside a local restaurant. I went in and gave them an information sheet and a great conversation ensued. Heather works with very young children, helping them get a good start to their lives. I gave her a copy of “Bogart Begins His Kindness Adventure.”
Rich and Dolly from Florida had two daughters in the race today. Dolly is a retired teacher. The two of them were so complimentary about the mission of One Million Acts Of Kindness. Our conversation was very inspiring.
Kate a beautiful woman from London was bullied by the boys for having red hair, freckles and a space between her teeth, she said that look wasn’t a popular look in England and she was made to feel the lesser for it. She credits her parents love and involvement in her life. She was deeply moved by the signs on The Kindness Bicycle and Bus.
Heather has had 36 foster children in her care over the years near Savannah. From an 3 day old infant, to a teen just out of jail, her compassion for children has given kids in need in this area a new lease on life. She is filling in the big gaps that parents often times create for kids.
Lisa, a Counselor from EDS, a K-8 school in Chatham County, loved the idea of a goal of kindness for her school. She is going to promote The Kindness Certificates to all of her students.
Chris who is 18 and originally from South Africa was bullied for weight and other issues. He said he got by, by sorting through all the stuff people were saying about him, and because his parents taught him to believe in himself, he realized how little of what was said was true.

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