Sage-like Perspective

November 4th, 2012

11-04-12I met Jacqueline in Wright Square in the Historic District of Savannah. She was sitting quietly, crocheting on a bench, slowly creating perfect articles of clothing. This wise woman sits on the same bench, in the same square every day, paying compliments, every so often, to people walking by her. I decided to spend some time talking with this beautiful being today.
Jacqueline saw the signage on The Kindness Bicycle and my shirt and told me she had seen plenty of bullying in her life. She was a counselor at a teen camp for quite a few years in Hot Springs, Georgia. She said one of the things which helped the most to deter bullying was to keep kids busy with doing activities. “Kids have too much time on their hands,” she said. The kids in her charge used to have to clear their own paths in the woods and build their own structures to camp in. She said there isn’t much of that sort of stuff for kids anymore. “Everything is done for them nowadays,” she added. Wise woman.

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