Savannah College of Art and Design

November 1st, 2012
11-1-12This is The Kindness Bus’ 5th visit to Savannah but it is the 1st visit for The Kindness Bicycle. I visited this campus, where some of the most creative people come to hone their talent.
I interacted with students about their personal connection to bullying and suicide, and the way they dealt with that chapter of their life.
Brendan was told early to not let anyone mess with him. He realized he was his own individual and no one, no matter was done or said was going to affect him adversely.
Sarah’s mom and dad taught her to be tough in a tough world but have a forgiving side and to never carry a grudge.
Gretchen always knew her gift was expressing herself through her art. It always had a calming effect on her.
Blake had a mother who raised him as a single mom. He was told that the person who would try to knock him down was the person who needed the help. He learned to deflect any negativity at a young age.
It is so important for parents to be involved in their children’s lives every step of the way. How else are they to find their way?
A very nice article was written about One Million Acts Of Kindness and the Ring Our Country with Kindness ride by Jenna Berris for the Chagrin Valley Times. The link is below.

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