Savannah State University

November 2nd, 2012

11-2-12To begin today’s blog, I would like thank the kindness and generosity of a few very considerate individuals. Tyler and Janell a young married couple from Savannah were so engaging and interested in One Million Acts Of Kindness, it was a joy to meet and talk with such caring couple. Evan and Rachel told me that they sat and read the many quotes on The Kindness Bus, they watched as a steady parade of individuals photographed, posed in front of, read or smiled at the words written on its exterior. Thank you to both couples.
I arrived at the university campus to the big interest of those who saw The Kindness Bicycle for the first time.
Shine and Elana we’re thrilled to see such a sight on their campus. Shine said, “What you are doing is really good.” Brenda Warren, the assistant basketball coach offered advice to those who are having problems with bullying or who might be considering suicide, “Talk it through, don’t keep it bottled up inside.”  She was a special needs teacher in high school and knows first hand how common bullying has become in schools.
Michelle at the Tiger Express on campus flagged me down as I rode by. One of the waitstaff said, “I can’t understand how kids can keep killing themselves like this.” Clearly, something needs to be done in a hurry.
On my ride today I was interviewed by WSAV news reporter, Tracy Haynes. He has 2 young children and agrees that having a goal of kindness can have a huge impact on anyone’s life. What a great father he must be.

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