Animals of Refuge

December 4th, 2012

12-4-12There are few things better in this world than to have a pet. Having an animal to care for in your life can bring you untold benefits. The responsibility of looking after an animal can improve your outlook on life. Knowing you have to be there to feed and care for your pet, teaches you how much you are depended upon and helps you to realize how much you are needed. It helps to overcome loneliness when there is a pet in your life. It teaches you caring responsibility.
It is a joy to have a pet around, one who is always excited to see you, the simple act of having “unconditional love,” helps lift the spirits.
Bogart certainly fits that category. He brings joy to many lives. Life on the road would be far less enjoyable if he were not part of the team. Now of I could only teach him to pedal The Kindness Bicycle.

Pam Thomas conducted a great radio interview of me for her Attraction Factor Show. The link is below.

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