Here, There and Everywhere

December 10th, 2012
Lots of miles and lots of conversations are the words I’d choose to describe today’s travels. The Kindness Bicycle made its way throughout most all the streets in the northern Naples, stopping a dozen times or so to talk with interested individuals who pulled over in their cars. It is amazing how many times I am “chased down” by motorists.
While taking breaks during the day it always leads to conversations as I make myself a “captive audience.” Today, two people who have seen me in different parts of the country stopped by to talk. Jim from New York City saw me on The Kindness Bicycle in Manhattan. Sarah saw The Kindness Bicycle outside the coffee shop I was at, she also saw The Kindness Bus in Boulder last year. She has made a promise to volunteer for One Million Acts Of Kindness.
One of my many stops today was Naples High School. I talked with Mary Linda Sanders the Director of Counselors. We talked about the many things they are doing to guide students to make the right decisions in their lives. I am forwarding all the information about One Million Acts Of Kindness to her peers.

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