People of Refuge

December 3rd, 2012

12-3-12There are people who come into our lives we feel comfortable with from the very first moment. People who become our friends and offer help and advice when asked. These individuals seem like they have been part of our lives all our life. These cherished friends are the ones we go to in our times of trouble. Some people are very easy to be around no matter your mood. These are the people we should surround ourselves with, as often as possible.
If you are at a tough point in your life, it is nice to know as many people of refuge as possible. Some people are always there to offer a hand up no matter what. People who live life simply and care for the needs of others as much as their own.
Two of the kindest people I have met along my travels, who embody all of the above are George and Susan. It is a gift for them to have come into my life. I wish everyone, friends like them.

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