Sharing the Wealth

December 16th, 2012

12-16-12It is this time of year, during the holiday season, that individuals choose to donate the most.
Money can be used to accomplish wonderful projects. It can be used to, fund research, build hospitals, support education, vaccinate against disease, it can bring comfort to those less fortunate. It can help to create miracles in so many necessary ways.
It is a huge responsibility to have vast sums of money. Most everyone in the position of having such wealth, know the importance of putting these assets to good use…some however, choose to ignore this fact.
I met a very caring woman named Anna, outside of a store, ringing a bell for donations to the Salvation Army. We had a long conversation about donating to a charity. What came out of our conversation was that some people need to learn to give.
No matter your wealth, if you have discernible income or an abundance of wealth, give as much of it as you can to a charity. One of the best resources to research charities of your choice is:

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