A Good Friend Headed in a Great Direction

January 19th, 2013
1-19-13 (2)While home for the Christmas holiday, I was able to meet with a few of my friends during my week long stay in Cleveland. One of my good friends, Greg Wasinski has become an inspirational speaker over the course of the past few years. He is helping individuals realize the importance of a faith filled life. He is a powerful role model to many. The following excerpt is taken from his website.

As an ambitious business executive struggling for lifelong fulfillment, Greg heard a different call to move his talents to communicate in the direction of sharing words of faith filled encouragement.  In turn, he became committed to use his creativity, passion, conviction and a wide array of professional talents as instruments, connecting others to faith and the positive examples in the world around them.  His goals remain to nurture those around him with positive influence in order to be the “difference makers” that can change the world.  Hence he now travels the country sharing his stories with good people just like you!

His tag line “Let me be…” originated while on silent retreat and praying for God’s help to form him into the Man he needs to be.  The Lord simply whispered “Be nothing more than what I created you to be.”  Greg has used this as the basis of opening up his own personal experiences as part of his witness to others.  He exemplifies a true care for our church’s future by opening up dialogue that reminds us why we believe what we believe.           I recommend a visit to Greg’s website, www.wasinski.com

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