Sashi Flag

January 21st, 2013
1-21-13 (2)Great friend, Dr. Donna Rohlf is a lifelong healer of those with mental disorders. She threw caution to the wind when she realized, during a near death experience, that she could save others by spreading the message of love around the world. The brilliant light that she shines upon the world is healing those in need.
The following is an excerpt from her website It is well worth a visit.

Children, teachers and families from places around the world including Cyprus, USA, India, Spain, Germany, Costa Rica, U.K., Brazil, Canary Islands and Turkey are participating and contributing to the peace process with their Sashi Flags.                Schools, families and individuals worldwide are invited to express, explore and share their deepest feelings of peace, satisfaction and sense of well-being. The objective of this activity is to foster the awareness that “Peace is an Inside Job.”  Each person has an individual role in creating well-being within. This responsibility fulfilled as an adult is the main ingredient of a more harmonious world and universe.

Crucial to the development, however, of a more enlightened world is the flourishing of cognitive potential in newborns. Second to treating a newborn in a correct fashion, is proper DNA based eating strategies for proper neural development.  Nothing is more important during the first 7 years of life  than to prepare the body for its unique differentiated innate wisdom and intelligence. This nutritional information is  new. Parents or caretakers can now insure the proper brain development of their loved ones through a primary health system practitioner. This information is accessible with correct birth data- an up and coming worldwide human right.

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